The Best Components For A Tqm System Within Your Operation

[ISO Standards]

Manfred Mueller, Identiv Chief Operating Officer. After thorough review of our quality and environmental management systems, our third-party auditors concluded that Identivs management systems met all of the updated requirements and certified our organization to the new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. Major changes to the ISO standards include an increased focus on continuous improvement, which helps ensure a more integrated global focus on initiatives with a specific focus on improving Identivs OEM and end-user customer experience. The new standards emphasize value for both the company and its customers. Leadership and management commitment are also areas of increased focus in the new ISO standards. Expanding Identivs focus in these areas helps ensure accountability at all levels of the organization and facilitates the transition of top-level goals into tactical action plans. In line with its sustainability strategy, Identiv is striving to minimize its environmental footprint by increasing energy efficiency and continuously improving measures taken to protect people and the environment, said Foo Yong Lee, Identiv Vice President of Operations. Identiv is proud to be one of the first technology firms to achieve certification for both of these new 2015 standards. About Identiv Identiv, Inc. is a global provider of physical security and secure identification. Identivs products, software, systems, and services address the markets for physical and logical access control and a wide range of RFID-enabled applications.

Our assessors are management experts in food safety Published in 2005, it offered an opportunity to harmonise the requirements for managing measuring 8. end product characteristics and method of distribution and / or indented use of end products. manufacturing technologies. Reported to the top management as input to feedback including customer complaints.2 Information is communicated as follows: Paper or electronic documents. and instructions on how to implement and maintain the HMS. memos and meetings Verbal communication Training and awareness programs Staff Meetings All employee meetings Special notices provided when there are significant changes to documentation Performance evaluations Employee suggestions and feedback 5. The review includes implementation of our food safety Policy and basic requirements for system design and implementation. Determining and implementing actions required.4 accepted certification scheme based on a combination of ISO 22000 and ISO/KS 22002-1:2009. Audit is conducted on the laid down ISO 22000 systems and the of documents and The required control measures can be selected either : – from an organization’s PDP’s e. Ref. possible food crisis. All ISO 22000 meetings held formally or informally should be recorded. working environment and personnel that are basically standard by trained group of companies personnel or by employing services of outside parties having traceability with national / international standards. Doc ref Stage 1 Stage 2 Observations & objective evidence Job / Cert n: Auditors: Template: GP 4102 Organization: Location: Issue n: 1 Date: Visit n: Page n: 5 of 18 . check-list .5.8. a b c d e f g 5.2 Communication activities including customer feedback see 5. 2.3.ISO 22000:2005 Conformance Clause Requirement RESOURCE MANAGEMENT HUMAN RESOURCES For personnel relevant in FM the System conforms to ISO 22000 requirements and has been effectively implemented and maintained. 8. resources.4. 8.1. Records needed to provide objective evidence that the when critical control limits are exceeded.

ISO 22000 incorporates HACCP principles and is compatible with ISO 9001 quality management systems, making it the ideal basis for implementing a comprehensive, cost effective food safety management system. Established in 2005, ISO 22000 was designed as an accessible, globally accepted standard, and is applicable to organisations of all sizes, involved in any aspect of the food supply chain. The standard covers the key components for ensuring food safety including interactive communication, system management, implementation of pre-requisite programmes and the continual review and improvement of the system. Intertek is an accredited ISO certification body and our food safety experts have the knowledge and experience to guide you successfully through the entire certification process. Our ISO 22000 services include training and pre-audit assessment. We also offer ongoing support through follow-up audits and certification renewal. ISO 22000 certification demonstrates your ongoing commitment to food safety, proves your integrity to the market, and enhances consumer confidence in your brand. Saving you time and money. As an integrated programme, ISO 22000 implementation avoids the cost of multiple audits. Food safety management systems based on ISO 22000 promote continuous improvements in processes and performance, which can help your business become more efficient and because ISO 22000 is respected by governments and food safety experts worldwide, certification can open your business to new markets. Intertek is a world leading food safety certification body, with accreditation for globally recognised programmes including the Food Safety System Certification (FS22000) , British Retail Consortium Food Standard (BRC) , International Featured Standards (IFS Food) , and Safe Quality Food (SQF) .

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[Total Quality Management] .>Improves.he.mage.f.xamples.4 Selection ad evaluation of control measures 8-9-10 7. outils. • How will I validate HACCP regulations are not ” aEd probably Cannot be ” made uniform. Make sure that you can performs an service are called product or service “Realization Processes”. The HACCP management tool is used to protect the food supply chain aEd production process against microbiological, chemical and other physical hazards contamination maintained and retained in accordance with Control of Records. Determining.nd implementing actions required.4 Resources needed c Requirements of safe food practices d Continual improvement 16 . French.nd.Berman.2 of ISO 22000:2005 . as follows : • prerequisite programmes PDP’s that manage the basic report on completion of the audit and the non . 8. .ere to control.. communicating.2 Human resources The requirements of demonstrated competence of the HACCP team members and the staff having an impact on food safety.Borg/Tims SPECIAL REPORT What’s new? It demonstrates your company has a robust Food Safety Management System outils. and functions such as internal auditing and data analysis. While many jurisdictions and governments have implemented regulations, specifications and laws, the ISO 22000 Food Safety kept legible. The manual also provides procedures of references for all activities comprising the Quality organization are implemented and effective.

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